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An Invitation from Elena Rodriguez

Dear Friends and Family,

It's no secret, life is full of noise, chaos, defeat, and in a constant whirlwind of motion.

It's also no secret, the majority are exhausted, yet in Go Mode, 120% of the time.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with working hard to reach goals, achieve success, and strive for more...the problem is the majority are hurting and struggling.

Not from lack of effort or the desire to provide more for yourself and loved ones, the hustle is real and I see it everyday, but from lack of knowing exactly what to work on or where to begin.

It's hard to stay focused, motivated, and positive everyday when working so hard on the wrong things.

It's hard to finish what you start when you're running on empty.

The conflict between what your mind wants and what your spirit needs is in full force and it's draining your energy...

and somedays it's as if all your effort seems to go to waste.

For this very reason I invite you on this personal journey of transformation, I call The Mariposa Effect.

Change One Thing...Change Everything!

It begins with YOU,

If you are:

  • In need of a Breakthrough
  • Seeking Change
  • Screaming inside and know this can't be the best that it gets

If you know you are Meant for More... please Register Now!


I am humbled and honored to be hosting this virtual event on July 14th!

Why? It's my birthday and I'll be turning 49 years old.

My husband died at 49. My cousin died at 49. This makes turning 49 a very meaningful year for me.

As author of Broken Stronger (which hit #1 Best Seller in 3 categories) I actually thought God made a mistake in choosing me when He told me I was going to write "a book" and it would be called Broken Stronger.

Little did I know Broken Stronger was never about "a book" but instead the transformation God was preparing me for as I was about to step into the most excruciating time of my life.

In a single moment, everything I had ever known as truth, slowly began crumbling beneath my feet.

Not only did I take on the title of widow, I lost my money, my home, my confidence and self-esteem, and it only kept getting worse.

In this One Day Virtual Event on July 14th, I will be sharing what it truly takes to break free and become the change you are seeking in your own life.

I look forward to sharing my birthday with you this year and sharing the Divine Purpose God has given me.


We know everyone is busy and it's not always easy to travel, so we're coming to you!

Attend our Virtual Event from the convenience of your laptop or mobile device.

Plus, when you take advantage of Early Bird Registration you get the VIP treatment.

You will receive access to the Full Event recording (so rest assured you won't miss a thing) and a special gift from Elena including a "swag bag" to help celebrate her birthday.

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“Elena has been one of the most important forces in the transformation of my life. Elena was instrumental in opening my eyes to the power of dreaming and goal setting and the importance of developing the skills required to reach the success I wanted for me and my daughter. I can, without reservation, recommend Elena. She is a great coach, and best of all, a great woman.”

— Jovon H.


Jared Miller

Author & Leadership and Personal Growth Coach at Xpand Leadership

Justin Danforth

Entrepreneur: Living a Life of Purpose Over Pleasure

Marilyn Morales

Author "When the Answer is No...Finding Purpose through Pain"

Julie Loughlin Haers

CEO & Co-Founder: Breathe Capital Planning

Charles Prinzen

Founder, Director, CEO at Me INC Now Consulting

Tish Ross

"No Judgement Here" Podcast and Radio Show Host

What is The Mariposa Effect?

"Mariposa" is Butterfly in Spanish and represents the process of transformation.

The breakthrough that must happen in order for you to thrive is no different than the process the butterfly must go through to spread it's wings and fly.

Whether you are in a place that feels like a dark cocoon or you are about to embark on the grandest journey of your life, one thing remains true through it all...Change is Required.

Join us for a day that will Change. Your. Life.


I started a mentorship with Elena as a one on one client.

9 months later I have:

  • Asked for a raise and got it
  • Went from scared to confident with doing lives on FB
  • Raised my prices significantly
  • Jumped (and built my wings on the way) and created my signature program and presented it
  • Created my highest month of income yet
  • Quit my job and started living my passion and purpose
  • Come halfway into writing and getting my first book published
  • Decluttered my to do list with about 50% and gained focus on what really matters

Elena jumps on a coaching call with me, and with her lazer sword cuts through all the spiderwebs in my head so I can think clearly and make better decisions.

Elena listens and offers different perspectives that I wouldn't have considered.

Elena sees my life from a bird's eye view perspective and helps me navigate pitfalls and snares.

Elena has so much inherent wisdom and her life philosophy is solid and true.

If you are looking to 10 x your life, Elena is all that

— Jana D.

Meet Elena.

Genuine. Faith-Driven. Strong.

As CEO & Founder of Besitos Beauty, a published author, and an award-winning Entrepreneur, sure I'm proud of my many accomplishments.

However, my proudest achievements are being a Mom of two amazing sons, fighting for my happiness and succeeding after becoming a widow on Christmas Eve, 2018, at the age of 44.

I am committed to helping you build confidence, crush goals, and comeback strong.

​I love my G.O.D. my Grand Overall Designer and I believe we all matter and we all have a Divine Purpose. 

​Join me now and begin to change the legacy for you and your family.




Her Accreditations Include:

  • Award winning speaker presented by Co-Author Network
  • Award winning speaker presented by Merge Worldwide
  • Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership Award recipient presented by NE Indiana Innovation Center
  • Amazon International Best Selling author for Latinas Who Boss Up
  • Amazon #1 Best Selling author in three categories for Broken Stronger
  • CEO & Founder of Besitos Beauty
  • Radio Show & Podcast Host of Tipsy Lips: Spill the Truth


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